Sunday, February 23, 2003

Hey, defietly even longer time since I've last updated.

Since I last published a blog, much has happened, of course its been a year, but thats besides the point.
My last publication I described my happiness. How extatic I was about my love and how it was amazing. But since then, that has all changed. That love has come and gone, and all my thoughts on love have changed. She tainted me. I dont believe that I have been fooled twice. The first time was inevitable, being my first love and all, and now, seeing how I have fallen again I find that maybe I should be more sceptical when even pondering of such thoughts. She told me she loved me, even when we had stopped being together, she never denied the fact that she did. Then I asked myself why we weren't together, and I couldnt figure it out.

Life gets crazy sometimes, and it sucks.

Monday, May 13, 2002

HEy long time no update but i kinda have another page

She is my strength, my will and my spirit.
She drives my heart to find new heights of love.
She is my present, future and past.
She is all that consumes me now.
I want to feel her breath within me
and feel her kiss in my soul.
I want to take her to the moon
And fly around the stars.

I want her to have my all.
She is my fall.
FOr I get weak to the knees

Monday, March 11, 2002

She is gone, and my life crumbles without her.
She is not here but still I am sure.
I am sure that I love her, with all of my heart.
I am sure that from her I could never part.
Never parting, with her for always.
Never parting, I count these special days.
Special days that seem to go on and on.
Special days that hopefully will never be gone.
She is gone, but I still think of her.
She is not here, but my love for her is sure.

Friday, February 15, 2002

hey, just figured I would write today about my happiness yesterday. Yesterday was the 14th of february. A day of special feelings to be shared with that special person you hold close. Yesterday, more than any other day I felt that special feeling.

Thursday, January 31, 2002

hey life is great! I am so happy especially happy about the parts of my life that were never happy before.
For the first time in a long time I feel liked, not loved yet, but hopefully that will grow soon enough. and I just love being with her she is so amazing. I love to just watch her, whether from in bleacher way far away or an inch away from her face, watching her give me peace and a sense of love and desire. I desire her so much. Every second we are together is such an ecstacy.
but everytime we are a part even if its just for a night or even a couple hours because i am not with her and shes all I think about. She is gorgeous, sweet and everything I could ever want.

Please Dont ever leave me.

Saturday, January 19, 2002

My life turns a mess,
whenever you are near.
your dissapointment in me,
is all that I hear.
But now I have cast you out,
never to remember again.
Because when I was with you,
it was an emotional drain.
Now I wil see you,
and hear you no more.
I have let go of the
burden I bore.
Too many lies,
I heard come from you.
Too many pains,
that tore me in two.
Now I beg of you,
to please leave me alone.
For all the lies you told,
have left the truth unknown.
So walk away,
do not turn around.
The cause of all my troubles,
you have been crowned.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Hanging On

Hanging on to all the
times gone by.
Hanging on to the only
question, Why?
Hanging on to that
last thread of hope.
Hanging on to all the
times my heart did float.
Hanging on to all the reasons
that you should still be here with me.
Hanging on to all your reasons,
why we just couldn't be.
Hanging on to the times
you still loved me.
Hanging on to all those times,
when we could agree.
Hanging on to the thought
that there is better out there.
Hanging on to the thought,
that life has to be fair.
Hanging on to life,
and the thought of moving on,
Hanging on to hope,
hope that the pain will soon be gone.

By: Darian Tomas